Enterprise Holdings FAQs:

Venture Holdings FAQs are given in the underneath area. Along these lines, competitors can take a gander at the much of the time made inquiries about Enterprise Holdings organization. FAQs themes are posted in the accompanying area. Additionally, without squandering your time experience the underneath fragment. We demand you to look at Enterprise Holdings Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, we propose you look down this post and know more information. Hardly any subjects, for example, Customer Service, Citations and Tolls, Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas, Exotic Car Rental, Vehicles, Equipment, and Protection Products and so forth are referenced underneath.



  • Discounts and Promotions
  • Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas
  • Vehicles, Equipment and Protection Products
  • Customer Service
  • General Car Rental Questions
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Citations and Tolls
  • Exotic Car Rental

Customer Service

  • How to get a copy of my receipt?
  • Lost and Found

General Car Rental Questions

  • What are your renter requirements?
  • For renting a car what forms of payment are accepted?
  • Will Enterprise pick me up?
  • In the US & Canada, what are your age requirements for renting?
  • In the US and Canada is a deposit necessary?
  • What are your driver license requirements?
  • How To add an additional driver?
  • What is your pet policy?
  • What do I expect? My vehicle was damaged.
  • How do I change or cancel my reservation?
  • Do you accept Cash or Money Orders?

Car Rental Discounts and Promotions

  • Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Car Rental Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas

  • Does Enterprise offer Unlimited Mileage on Car Rental?
  • What is the kilometer/ mileage policy?
  • In the US one way Can I take an Enterprise vehicle?

Rental Vehicles, Equipment and Protection Products

  • Does Enterprise rent additional equipment such as ski racks, GPS or child safety seats?
  • From enterprise Can I rent a 12 or 15 Passenger?
  • To the rental vehicle Does Enterprise allow me to tow with or attach?
  • On your vehicles, 4 wheel drive Do you offer snow chains?
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Safety Recall Policy
  • Other protection products Can I purchase car rental insurance.

Car Rental Citations and Tolls

  • Citations and Tolls FAQ
  • How can I obtain payment information for my toll charges?

Enterprise Plus

  • To earn free rental day Plus points?
  • To provide my Enterprise Plus number how do I request missing points if I forgot?
  • How do I contact Enterprise Plus Member Services?
  • Share my Enterprise Plus Points with friends or family?
  • For free rental days? How do I redeem my points

Exotic Car Rental

  • To rent an exotic car
  • For a wedding Can you rent a luxury or exotic car
  • For an hourly cost Can you rent an exotic car
  • It is an exotic car under 25
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